The digital ID into your furniture products

All information about origin and quality insert in each product and always on hand

Place your NFC-equipped phone near the company logo
Access to a world full of information to discover all the features of your product
Details, datasheets and certificates are on hand wherever you are

How IF—iD works

With Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and a patented management system, each object will have its own unique identification code, such as a person's DNA, capable of tracking the story and containing its own specific information. All the product features will be introduced through this technology platform, allowing different read and interaction accesses depending on whether they are corporate personnel, external professionals or private customers.

Producers and sellers, IF—iD has advantages for everybody

Italian furniture products have always been the subject of desire and more and more often there is a diffusion of brands with an italian sounding or products whose quality is not verifiable. Through the IF-iD system it will be possible to:

  • guarantee the origin of the product
  • publish quality and enviromental sustainability certificates
  • talk to the customer to assist him in post-sales
  • insert advices for the maintenance of the product
  • get in touch with us to find out all the details of the project and integrate the IF-iD system into your products.

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Italian Furniture iD
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